Welcome, I am Miss Belle.

Here at Miss Belleís we have a 8í x 11í room specifically designed to be an esthetician room. It has a sink, shower and an esthetician bed. It is well lit, plenty of electrical outlets and storage. What we donít have is a esthetician for the esthetician room. I will do everything in my power to create walk in traffic, and maintain it at the highest possible level. When I came to Alaska in 2010 I started renting a booth here in Eagle River, believe me when I tell you, I know how hard it is to build a clientele from scratch. I'm not the kind of person that will tell you what you want to hear in order to rent you my aesthetician room. On the contrary, Iíll be brutally honest with you. If you have your own clientele base, I think they will love the Miss Belleís salon environment. We have a large reception area with comfortable furnishings for our clients to relax in. For your convenience we have a state-of-the-art computer with online booking. I will keep the Internet up to date, and am always willing to listen to ideas from my esthetician and booth renters that will bring more traffic into the salon. My commitment to you will be to keep a clean up to date, harmonious atmosphere for you to work. I will need you to make a commitment to me to be the hard working and motivated esthetician I know you can be.

Thank you for your time.                

Miss Belle